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Crayola Model Magic Air Dry Clay

Model Magic air dries in 24 hours without kiln firing or baking. Clean, won't stick to skin or most clothing and won't flake or crumble. Soft, pliable and lightweight, Model Magic colors can be mixed together to create a wide variety of colors. Flexible to the touch when dry, pieces can be glued, painted and decorated. AP nontoxic, conforms to ASTM D-4236.

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#  Product #  Description  Unit  UPC/EAN  Retail 
1 CRA-4400 White 2 lb. Model Magic each 071662000769 $26.99
2 CRA-57-4415 2 lb. Tub Model Magic 4 Color Set each 071662544157 $26.99
3 CRA-57-4451 Black 4 oz. Bag Model Magic each 071662544515 $4.50
4 CRA-57-4442 Blue 4 oz. Bag Model Magic each 071662544423 $4.50
5 CRA-57-4444 Green 4 oz. Bag Model Magic each 071662544447 $4.50
6 CRA-57-4438 Red 4 oz. Bag Model Magic each 071662544386 $4.50
7 CRA-57-4401 White 4 oz. Bag Model Magic each 071662544010 $4.50
8 CRA-57-4434 Yellow 4 oz. Bag Model Magic each 071662544348 $4.50
9 CRA-2402 Primary Colors Model Magic 6 Color Variety Pack pkg 071662024024 $7.49