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Connoisseur Yuming Sumi Brushes

Connoisseur has worked closely with Pacific Northwest sumi artist, Yuming Zhu, to develop a collection of superior quality sumi brushes. All are made out of high quality sheep and/or "wolf hair". Yuming sumi brushes by Connoisseur are recommended by sumi masters and teachers across the nation.


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# Product # Description UPC/EAN Unit Retail
1 CNR-90008 Jin Ti Calligraphy Yuming Zhu Brush 661670905318 each $35.95
2 CNR-90006 Wild Mountain Horse Yuming Zhu Brush 661670905295 each $47.25
3 CNR-90010 Mountain Horse Ti Yuming Zhu Brush 661670905332 each $79.95
4 CNR-90007 Soft Magnolia Yuming Zhu Brush 661670905301 each $29.15
5 CNR-90001 Happy Dot Detail Yuming Zhu Brush 661670905240 each $18.35
6 CNR-90004 Northern Wolf Yuming Zhu Brush 661670905271 each $41.35
7 CNR-90002 Rat Tail Combo Fine Line Yuming Zhu Brush 661670905257 each $39.55
8 CNR-90003 Super White Cloud Combo Yuming Zhu Brush 661670905264 each $21.85
9 CNR-90005 Best Combination Yuming Zhu Brush 661670905288 each $48.55
10 CNR-90009 Jade Bamboo Magic Brush Yuming Zhu Brush 661670905325 each $95.95
11 CNR-9000D Yuming Zhu Brush 48 Piece Display 661670905233 disp $1,692.00
12 CNR-90000CD Complete Yuming by Connoisseur Brush 102 Piece Display 661670908036 disp $3,911.70