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Sanford Uni-ball Vision Elite BLX Roller Ball Pens

Experience color like never before. Differentiate yourself with the deep, rich write of the BLX black infused colors. These Vision Elite pens feature Uni Super Ink in Blue/Black, Brown/Black, Green/Black, Purple/Black and Red/Black. The ink is airplane safe so it will not explode or leak when cabin pressure changes. The exclusive Uni-Flow ink system provides consistent smoothness and color intensity. White barrel pens feature a 0.8mm bold tip. Black barrel pens feature a 0.5mm micro tip.


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# Product # Description UPC/EAN Unit Retail
1 SAN-1863416 Red-Black 0.5 mm 0.5 mm Uni-ball Vision Elite BLX Roller Ball Pen 070530005646 each $3.86