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Walter Foster CS Series Collector's Series Drawing Books

The Collector's series offers a selection of popular projects from best-selling titles in the How to Draw and Paint series. Covers fundamentals and explores techniques of featured artists. Each title provides in-depth instruction and numerous illustrations.


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# Product # Description UPC/EAN Unit Retail
1 FOS-CS06 The Art of Basic Drawing Book 050283006077 book $19.95
2 FOS-CS17 The Art of Colored Pencil Drawing Book 050283006718 book $19.95
3 FOS-CS10 The Art of Drawing Animals Book 050283006114 book $19.95
4 FOS-CS08 The Art of Drawing Dragons Book 050283006091 book $19.95
5 FOS-CS19 The Art of Drawing Manga & Comic Book Characters Book 050283006190 book $19.95
6 FOS-CS09 The Art of Drawing People Book 050283006107 book $19.95
7 FOS-CS01 The Art of Pencil Drawing Book 050283006053 book $19.95