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Pilot Precise V5 & V7 Premium Rolling Ball Pen

Pens with precise, clean lines that use a unique liquid ink formula that maintains consistent flowing strokes. Visible ink supply lets you see how much ink is left in each barrel. Extra fine (0.5 mm) and fine point (0.7 mm) sizes available as well as capped and retractable versions.


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# Product # Description UPC/EAN Unit Retail
1 PIL-35328 Black Extra Fine 0.5 mm Precise V5 Roller Ball Pen 072838353283 each $2.43
2 PIL-35388 Blue Extra Fine (0.5 mm) Precise V5 Roller Ball Pen 072838353887 each $2.43
3 PIL-35456 Black Extra Fine (0.5 mm) Precise V5 Retractable Roller Ball Pen 072838354563 each $2.79
4 PIL-35455 Black Fine (0.7 mm) Precise V7 Retractable Roller Ball Pen 072838354556 each $2.79