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Connoisseur White Taklon All Media Mixed Short & Long Handle Display

Superior spring, durability and performance can be found in each Connoisseur white nylon brush. White taklon is highly recommended as an acrylic brush; however the outstanding color carrying capacity makes it an excellent choice for oil and alkyds as well. Superior, soft white nylon fibers provide precise flow control. Ideal for use with thinned down color for glazing, blending or detail work. Brushes are guaranteed for life against defects in materials or manufacturing.


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# Product # Description UPC/EAN Unit Retail
1 CNR-267/367A Long & Short Handle Round White Taklon Brush 198 Piece Assortment 661670907237 asmt $2,599.80
2 CNR-267/367D Long & Short Handle White Taklon Brush 198 Piece Display 661670907220 disp $2,599.80