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Walter Foster Learn to Draw Books

Geared to children age six and older, Walter Foster's award-winning "Learn to Draw" series helps young artists draw their favorite subjects with creativity and confidence by taking the mystery out of drawing. Using basic shapes as a starting point, these books demonstrate how to draw by building up forms, resulting in amazingly lifelike, full-color finished drawings. Simple step-by-step instructions make it easy. Educational fun facts are also included in each book so children can learn about the subjects they're drawing.


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# Product # Description UPC/EAN Unit Retail
1 FOS-LD1 Polar Animals Learn to Draw Book 050283524014 book $8.95
2 FOS-LD2 Dogs & Puppies Learn to Draw Book 050283524021 book $8.95
3 FOS-LD3 Pets Learn to Draw Book 050283524038 book $8.95
4 FOS-LD4 Sea Creatures Learn to Draw Book 050283524045 book $8.95
5 FOS-LD5 Horses & Ponies Learn to Draw Book 050283524052 book $8.95
6 FOS-LD6 Cats and Kittens Learn to Draw Book 9781600584800 book $8.95
7 FOS-LD7 Safari Animals Learn to Draw Book 9781600584817 book $8.95
8 FOS-LD10 Dinosaurs Learn to Draw Book 9781633220300 book $8.95